seekinghaven (seekinghaven) wrote,

Taking the plunge...

At Lee's request, I just composed an email to our friend and realtor Bo, detailing our opening offer on a property we viewed just before Imbolg. 

Whew!!!  We're finally making an offer on a property!  Now that's an exciting milestone! 

I don't want to jinx it -- I don't want to say too much.  Suffice it to say that this property has the odd distinction of simultaneously being one of the most horrific but also beautiful, and most nearly perfect (for our purposes) properties within our price range that we have so far seen.  The horrific parts may well drive other potential buyers away, but they are removable.   The beauty is very much more than surface deep.  We will not find a perfect property -- that's not the way real life works.  But this one puts a great many checks beside the crieria on our list.  Lee and I and Scott and Shannon all saw it together, and I think it is fair to say that we were all both modestly horrified by the... detritus, and excited  by the positives and the potential.  

We talked afterwards, and Scott and Shannon came up with a proposal that is both exciting and challenging, allowing us a way to work out the details of our sharing land (or not, if it comes to that) without rushing, or delaying getting onto this property.  They are such clever friends!  The challenge part forces us to get a deal on this property that Lee and I can afford to pay off alone, if need be, and if possible. 

I did some research ("due diligence") at the county offices, finding out some important stuff we needed to know.  Lee and I have run the property past our loan broker, most recently last night, and he said more encouraging things than I have heard him say in some time. 

There are hurdles and potential deal-breakers to (hopefully) overcome -- most having to do with the challenges of getting financing in today's market, combined with the sellers' situation. 

I hope we can make this work!  What an energizing combination of excitement and anxiety I feel!

It would be so lovely to be on our own land by Ostara, or my birthday, or our handfasting anniversary (both in April)! 

OOooooo, oooooo,  oooooo!!!!  Beltaine Bowers!!!

(Deep breath...) 

Back, girl.... back!  There's still a lot of hurdle-leaping and hoop-jumping to do... and nothing is guaranteed except that there will be hassles before we get there, if we get there.

Wish us the very best fortune, magic, and skill!


P.S.  Oh, yes!  Scott, Shannon, Lee, and I finally got together for the first of our Talks-with-the-White-Board.  In fact, we had that meeting the evening before we all went to see the above property.  We took turns, each one of us saying out loud what we feared about what we were doing and trying to do, what terrified us about sharing land together.  It was remarkably helpful.  In fact it was downright refreshing.  Much air was cleared, and several serious concerns addressed.   The fear level dropped remarkably.  We have much more to talk about and work out, but this was a good strong solidly placed chunk of base-level urbanite in the foundation of what we are building together.

Interestingly, we have all had similar experiences when we talk to other people about our plans to share land and build Haven together:  the thing that other people are most horrified by is not that we plan to build cob homes with our own hands, or that we plan to grow food on our own land, or be able to go off-grid, eventually, generating our own electricity, or butcher our own meat animals, or even use compost toilets.  The thing that most horrifies our listeners is that we propose to share land with others outside of our immediate nuclear family!

It has been so long, here in North America, since we human beings lived in small groups sharing common land, that we have not only forgotten how to do it.  We have forgotten that it is possible, and can even be desirable in many ways.  Well, more on that later, in another post. 
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