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One resolution down (more or less)...

I have finally caught up our tax returns, sent them on their way to the IRS and the Oregon Dept of Revenue, and gotten copies of the 2007 and 2008 returns to our mortgage loan broker.  That was what was required for us to get pre-qualified for a loan, and able to actually make an offer to buy.  Further, our 2009 tax return preparation is well underway, albeit with a good deal of work remaining. 

This has been an exhausting process -- thank goodness it is nearly done. 

Scott, Shannon, and Lee want for the four of us to meet to begin working out some of the things we need to work out together if we are going to share land.  Thank goodness for that, too!  They wanted to meet this past weekend, but I just didn't have enough of me left to do it then, and had not yet gotten our 2008 taxes in to the preparer.  Lee worries, thinking I'm stalling.  That perception on his part is very frustrating to me -- this certainly doesn't feel like stalling.  I'm busting butt.  And I do not want to make a disaster of the discussions we need to have.  When I'm this strung out, I can push others away, and generally not do a good job of working well with others, even people I love -- I just need space and time to recoup. 

Bad timing.  Well, no process is perfect.  Please, Scott, Shannon, Lee... believe that I do want us to talk, and will take part, as soon as I am able.  And that time is coming soon.  

In the meantime, real progress has been made -- we were stymied until those tax returns were done and turned in.  

Now I will return to working on our 2009 tax prep, so that return can be competed and turned in ASAP.  I anticipate that the combination of our 2008 and 2009 returns will look significantly better than our 2007 and 2008 returns, hence my determination not to delay.  Not only that, but I am sick and tired of tax prep and being behind on it, and I want it DONE!

Yeah, I'm worried about the morale of my comrades-in-arms -- especially Lee.  He tells me he has been sleeping poorly, having bad dreams with themes of goals and efforts blocked, and of claustrophobia.   There is only so much I can say or do to help him.  I think the most important thing to accomplish that goal is to slog through the nitty-gritty of what we need to do to be able to buy land.  The nine-acre property south of Gaston, that had been one of our top two choices, went pending before we could get our taxes in and make an offer.  Turns out that property had been his top choice.  I, too, was disappointed. 

But equally important is getting together to work out stuff related to sharing land.   So, I must make the time for the 2009 tax prep AND enough personal recovery time to be able to start that process. 

("YOU!  Dorothy!  Relax NOW!  Or ELSE!!!" 

Yeah... that'll be effective...)

Goddess!  This is one definitely NOT FUN part of seeking and manifesting Haven! 
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