seekinghaven (seekinghaven) wrote,

Two resolutions

First, I am resolved to gather, organize and complete our tax data ASAP, so that I can get it to our tax preparer and have completed tax returns to submit -- not just to the IRS and the Oregon Dept of Revenue, but also to our mortgage loan broker.

Yes, requirements for getting a mortgage loan have changed. The last time we refinanced, tax returns were not required, just pay stubs. Later W-2s were needed. Now, full tax returns -- for the past two years. Gah! I don't anticipate any problem. It's just our tax situation is just complicated enough that it is a lot of work. And not a lot of fun.

Second, I am resolved to post here more frequently -- I'm shooting for once a week. I'm overdue for another more useful, topic-centered post. Please understand, though, that getting the taxes done comes first.

It's hard to see promising properties and be unable to make an offer yet because we've not jumped through all the hoops to get pre-qualified. It is a waste of effort to make an offer on a bank-owned property (or even perhaps on any property in this market) without being pre-qualified for a loan. Several of the properties we've looked at have been bank-owned -- a sign of the times.

On the other hand, this enforced delay keeps us from any impulse buying!

Lee had hoped we would be able to move in to our new home (wherever) by Imbolg. That would have been nice. But perhaps we will be able to choose a desireable property and negotiate a successful offer on it by then. We'll see.

Well, back to taxes...
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