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Update written November 20th

Since we sold our home, Lee, Galadriel and I have been living temporarily in our tiny 21' Itasca Phasar motorhome. At first, we were at Stub Stewart State Park in the Oregon Coast Range. Then, Kore and Alec offered to let us stay on their property while we continued to look for land for our new home. They live in an idyllic forested setting with a lovely stream running by the house -- they call the place Fae Hollow. Our next door neighbor was a beautiful black and white Llama, who would look out the window of the barn at us in curiosity. There were also peacocks, chickens, emus, two pot-bellied pigs, and a heritage breed turkey named Tiki, aka the Terrorist.

Unfortunately, their driveway is very steep, narrow and rugged, and with the winter coming, all our thoughts turned to snow. I believed Kore and Alec when they said that none of our vehicles would be able to get out of Fae Hollow if it snowed.

So last week, I moved us to Anderson Park in Vernonia, Oregon, where all we have to worry about is flooding.


I inquired, and am told that we would have at least 5 hours notice of an impending flood, which would give us time to move the motorhome and our other vehicles to higher ground. It has been raining heavily lately, and I've been getting familiar with the various moods of Rock Creek, which runs by the park.

Lee is continuing to go to work in Hillsboro, and we are looking for land, and learning a lot about the broken systems of financing and zoning with which we will have to deal in our efforts to acquire and build Haven.

In the meantime, I have been putting concerted effort into dealing with several personal health issues. The knee I injured while trying to learn to ride a motorcycle last year got steadily worse, until the pain was not tolerable, and I was having significant difficulty walking. I saw an orthopedist,and was told that surgery would not help, and that physical therapy was needed, but would be slow and frustrating. I've been doing the physical therapy, and despite re-injuring the knee about 3 weeks ago, I am experiencing improvement. All the rough ground I need to deal with (especially when viewing properties for sale) is not helping, but we'll get there.

I have also been referred to a periodontist, and had two very poorly placed, impossible to clean teeth pulled. Things are improving there, as well.

All my life, I have suffered from non-restorative sleep, waking feeling like something the cat drug in. I finally had a sleep study done shortly after we sold the house, and was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea. I've spent the last month adjusting to using a CPAP machine at night. Lee loves it, as the sound it makes disturbs him less than the snoring I used to do. Hopefully, after the next mask fitting, we'll have almost all the bugs worked out. It is good to be able to breathe at night. Just call me Dorothy Vader...

And one month ago I was diagnosed as diabetic(like four other family members, sigh...) I'm now seeing an endocrinologist who specializes in diabetes and thyroid disorders -- perfect, since I've been hypothyroid and on thyroid hormone supplementation since I was about 12. No insulin yet, but as of yesterday, a second diabetes med was added in the effort the get better control of my blood sugars. My diabetes has been caught relatively early, and I very motivated to do what is needed, so we should be able to handle this, as well. Although it will be easier when my knee is better and I can do more walking...

Lee thinks I'm falling apart, damn him. I'm just taking care of some things, and the end result will be better physical health and strength. All the better to build cob with!

He, on the other hand, is having a harder time than I dealing with living in this small motorhome. It IS a challenge, no question about that. But it is a means to an end. Now that we have no mortgage to pay, and very low rent, we are able to increase the money we have available for down payment and initial development costs. I really, really hope that he doesn't get so desperate to get out that it impairs judgement with regard to our decision of what property to buy.

We are clearly into the low selling season now, with rainy, grey November upon us, so fewer properties are being listed. There are more bank-owned properties for sale now -- properties that have been foreclosed, a sign of hard economic times. We had to sell our home for less than we had hoped to get, but prices for what is available to buy have also gone down. I don't mind playing our part to bring housing costs down to a more reasonable level, as long as we are able to get what we want and need.

We and some friends who may be sharing the land with us, will be meeting with the mortgage broker this evening. I saw him last week, and got the great news that Lee's and my credit ratings are very good, along with an estimate of how much of a loan a bank might be willing to give us.

Yes, we are very much in transition -- exciting times!
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