seekinghaven (seekinghaven) wrote,

The end of a listing -- the Wheel turns!

Lammas came, and our listing ended -- still no offers, after a year on the market. I dreaded the possibility that we would use up our hoarded down payment (the inheritance money we had from Lee's father) before we could sell our home. It was time to interview other real estate agents. The housing market was bad, but we hardly heard from Doug anymore, and I was beginning to doubt that he wanted our listing anymore. When I called, he finally recommended that we lower the listing price by $20,000 during the last two weeks of the listng -- it was too little too late.

It's not hard to find real estate agents to interview when your listing ends unsold -- the calls, postcards, letters, even parcels start pouring in from agents offering to list your home, all claiming they are uniquely qualified to actually sell it. We were badgered. We selected Dave Hrabal, one of the top three real estate agents in the Portland area, and one of the top 250 in the nation.

We weren't surprised when he recommended we lower the asking price far more significantly -- after all, market prices had plummetted during the past year, and would almost certainly continue downward for some time. It made sense, and we agreed, but still it wasn't exactly pleasant to knock another $50,000+ off the price. We consoled ourselves with the fact that everyone was having to lower prices, and when our time came to be buyers, we would benefit from that. And in truth, we didn't mind doing our part for bringing housing prices down to a more affordable, realistic level, as long as we will be able to get what we want and need to build Haven.

We signed a listing contract with Dave on Monday August 10th, new pictures of our property were taken in the next day or two, we had a showing on Thursday August 13th, and got a good, solid, clean offer on August 14th, which we accepted the same day -- WHEW!! I think even Dave was surprised.

And they wanted to close on September 9th -- less than 4 weeks! Suddenly, everything was moving in high gear! I was very glad we had gotten the little Itasca Phasar RV in good shape and ready to serve as our temporary living quarters. There was far too little time to do anything but what was required to close the deal, and pack, schlep our stuff, and get out.

The buyers were a sweet young couple who loved our home, and felt a quick personal affinity for us, based on what they saw. They wanted to meet us and thank us, and assure us that they would love the place and care for it as much as we had. We had certainly found the right buyers, eager and loving new stewards for the land -- I was so grateful and relieved!

We reserved an RV camping space at Stub Stewart State Park beginning Labor Day, and the sale finally closed (after the usual god-awful hassles that seem always to accompany such transactions) on the 17th of September -- a very fast closing for this awful market! We ritually freed the land of our stewardship that afternoon, handed the keys to the new Lady of the land personally, welcomed her and her husband to their new home, shared a beer with them on the front deck, and finally said farewell and drove away.

We were very tired, but also very happily officially homeless at last, and ready for the next part of our journey!

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