seekinghaven (seekinghaven) wrote,

Haven's Library

Lee and I have always valued books as repositories of knowledge.  We had substantial personal libraries before we met, and our now-combined collection is proportionately larger. 

We are in agreement that Haven's Library will be an important, essential part of Haven.  Besides our personal love of books, Haven's Library is shaped by the need I see to preserve culture and knowledge, and to survive and shape a sustainable new, more local cuture as the world enters the many decades of energy descent, and must change in response to decreasing availability of fossil fuels.  So we have been collecting books with these needs in mind.  So many books!  There are, of course, many books on Peak Oil.  Also Permaculture, gardening, Edible Forest Gardening, Beekeeping, Raising Rabbits, Cobbing, biodiesel, health self-care, humanure composting, dry toilets, greywater systems, site preparation, road-building and maintenance, community building, local economies, wild foods, wilderness survival skills, and on and on and on... 

Of course, there are also books and DVDs for pleasure, fiction stories we have enjoyed.  

We have talked many times of how to physically house the Library at Haven.  One of Lee's ideas was to build a "Hall of Knowlege" -- a book-lined hallway connecting the rooms of our home.  

While we were away for our anniversary (over Beltaine Weekend), we found a village coffee shop with a couple of full bookshelves -- of course, we sat by it.  It housed a book exchange.  A sign said that one could exchange a book for $1, or buy a book for $3. I liked the idea, and so jotted it down, as I am inclined to note ideas for Haven.

Many of the books we have collected for Haven's Library are reference books that will be important to preserve and keep available in a permanent collection.  Generally, these books would not be loaned out, but could be read on the premises.

On the other hand, we also have books that could be part of a nonpermanent collection -- a book exchange, similar to the one in that coffee house.  Perhaps it could be located in Haven's Common House and Brew Pub, with any money collected going to help pay for the brews!


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