seekinghaven (seekinghaven) wrote,

Prime Selling Season (April-July, 2009)

Finally, the prime season for selling houses was upon us, and I was desperate to sell our home.  I had tried to keep progressing in Haven-related tasks, but until we sold our home, these were limited, and our energies drained by the sheer work of attempting to sell in such a terrible housing market. 

My aged mother, after long procrastination, gave us the 1982 diesel Isuzu P'up and 1984 Itasca Phasar (a tiny 21' diesel RV) that my father had selected for fuel efficiency.  The Itasca would be our interim living quarters once we sold the home, until we could buy land and either build Phase 1 of our cob home or move into other temporary living quarters while we did so.  The little Isuzu had been my father's primary vehicle, and so had sentimental value for me.  But beyond that, it was designed as a highly fuel-efficient vehicle, and, like the Itasca, was diesel-powered.  So we hoped that we might be able to convert these to biodiesel and/or straight Veggie Oil, as future needs might require. 

But they were old, and had set unused since my father died in 2007.  In his later years, it became harder for him to maintain them.  So they needed a lot of mechanical work.  This proved to be quite expensive as it was hard to get parts. 

The worsening national economy impacted my jewelry sales. 

The new mortgage, increased by the expense of the remodel, was burdensome, and we were eager to get out from under it.  I turned my efforts to improving the curb appeal of the place thru landscaping efforts:  planting flowers, pruning, clearing out clutter, and mulching -- thank the Goddess for Lee's and Scott's and Shannon's help!  I had talked to our real estate agent, asking if there was anything more we could do to improve the chances of selling, but he had little to suggest.  We decided to try a broker's open, and worked hard to get the grounds ready for that.  It was a stressful, anxious, burdensome time.

Showings were few, but we had to keep the house show-ready constantly anyway.  I was getting sick and tired of it, and looked for ways to get a break away.  We decided to take a trip to the coast for our anniversary in May.  It was a good decision. 
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