seekinghaven (seekinghaven) wrote,

Crone Retreat: Hekate's Sickle (March 24, 2009)

This day it is a year and a day since my last menstrual period began. I am now no longer perimenopausal -- I am a postmenopausal woman, and a Crone. An Aries Crone, as I was Aries born. I am 57 years old.

I woke early to greet Hekate's Sickle, the last waning crescent moon, the Crone's moon, as it rose before dawn on the first day of my Cronehood. I am blessed in this synchronicity. 


I was at Memaloose State Park, "camping" in the RV I have inherited from my father and been given by my mother (a truly ancient Crone at 87 years). Galadriel is with me, for both Hekate and Artemis had their hounds. 


We stepped out of the RV as Hekate's Sickle rose in the darkness, a little after 6am, and walked onto the rocky ground toward the river with Memaloose Island in its midst. On this island, the peoples who lived here before the Europeans came would lay the bones of their dead. It was and is a sacred place. 


I stood on a relatively high rocky place, with Memaloose on my left hand, looking eastward toward the horizon for the slender crescent of the Crone's Moon. But though it was still and no rain fell, clouds filled the sky. The Crone rose veiled and hidden on the first day of my cronehood. Nonetheless, I could reach out to Her, commune with Her, pray to Her -- and so I did.


I asked for Her blessing. I asked for Her wisdom, and power, for all my Cronehood and especially for the calling I feel for my Crone years: the building of Haven. Galadriel, on long lead, sniffed and pranced, ran and explored all around me and the great stone outcropping as I prayed and communed -- a dark hunting hound in the dark night.


Twilight began to grow one half hour after the moon rose. Dark, six-petaled bell-like flowers became deep purple on rich green stems, and new spring-green grass began to glow in the growing light with a tender newness. 


I remained in communion with the Crone until sunrise, one half hour past the first glimmers of twilight, sitting on the rocky ground meditating. Galadriel licked my face. I rose stiffly, stroked her standing, and together we returned to the RV.


It was a serene morning. I made coffee, ate, and read stories of the Crone, gazing toward Memaloose. I also read about the importance of positive emotions, about my personal talents and strengths (from strengthfinder) and about the collapse of complex societies -- all books and readings I had chosen as appropriate for my Crone Retreat.


When the Crone's Moon, Hekate's Sickle, was in transit high overhead, though still unseen, I did a rune reading, asking for what I needed to know at this time regarding my Cronehood.


For that which has been, up to now, I drew Tiwaz reversed. It is the rune of sacrifice, of justice, and of the appropriate discrimination between and separation of earth and heaven. I have sacrificed in my priestessing in the past, and my sacrifices have not always been appreciated. Perhaps also, I have not always kept an appropriate distinction between earthly and heavenly things.


For that which is immanent, I drew Inguz, the seed of energy contained, waiting, dormant, but ready to burst open in its time, re-energizing and renewing the Goddess who brings new life to the earth. This feels right, and reassuring, for this time before Berkana House sells.


And then, for that which should be, the final outcome, I drew Gebo -- Gift, Giver, Giving and the one who is Given to, also the rune of sacred marriage. My Cronehood will be a Gift, during which I will Give, and be Given to -- the very process of Giving, exchanging Gifts, will characterize my Crone years, bringing strength. Perhaps also it indicates that my marriage to Lee will endure, and be a source of strength -- and that I will have my beloved Lee alive with me through the rest of my life. Perhaps.


In any case, my Cronehood is well and auspiciously begun, and will be a Gift.


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