seekinghaven (seekinghaven) wrote,

Yule -- Endings & Beginnings

We bid farewell to the dying Sun of the old year at sunset on Saturday, thanking and honoring Him for all that had passed beneath His gaze, good and bad.  The last rays touched the flames of the candles we held, and with them, we lit the Yule Fire, and so began our Vigil.

Throughout the night, we kept the Yule Fire blazing, that the New Sun might return to us in the morning.  This was my 20th Yule Vigil at Berkana House, our home that is now for sale.  Throughout the night, our thoughts returned repeatedly to Haven, our new home that shall be.  We will find and buy the land when Berkana House sells, and build Haven on the land we thereby take into stewardship.

In the pre-dawn twilight, we chanted and drummed, rattled and struck bells, encouraging the Great Mother to give birth to Her Golden Child.  So we midwifed the birth of the New Sun at sunrise on Yule morning, receiving in that light the seeds of the new that we are to nurture in this coming year.

Winter is here, the Old passes
What do you let go?
The Old, the Outworn, the Dead, the Lost
What do you let go?

The Sun-Child's born!  The Light Returns!
What do you help grow?
The Son is born, the Light returns!
What do you help grow?

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