seekinghaven (seekinghaven) wrote,

Surprise, dear!

Well, Lee (the guy in the picture, holding the big, newly-forged knife) is going to be surprised when he gets home -- the yard is covered with pieces of trees.  I didn't tell him that a team of arborists is coming today and tomorrow to prune and shape the various trees and bushes on our property.  He's been pretty much leaving such things to me, trusting my judgment.  And it needs doing.  But still, I feel a bit, um... mischievous?  naughty?    Well, that's what he gets for being more interested in spending time in the smithy or with his nose in the forging and casting book he just got, than in talking with me.  ;)

I spent last week checking out and getting estimates from arborists and settled on Green Options, one of the teams associated with Hoyte Arboretum in Portland.  Their trailer broke down, so they weren't able to haul off the prunings today.  They'll be back tomorrow.  There was a lot to be done -- the trees haven't been professionally pruned in 20 years.  We've pruned them a bit over the years, but we were limited in what we could accomplish.  Some of the trees were really getting overly thick inside, and shading out the grass in the side and back yard.  I decided it would help the curb appeal of the house to get this done, so... there you are. 

I think they are doing a very good job, and all this work should help the trees blossom better this spring.  It was a wet day today, and with all the trampling back and forth, parts of the backyard are muddy now.  But we have plans for dealing with that -- plans involving mulch and lots of grass seed. 

But right now the yard is piled so high in tree parts that there's hardly room to walk, much less spread mulch or grass seed.  The arborists will be leaving the pieces suitable for firewood here, with my agreement.  They don't chip the rest -- they haul it away and feed it to their small herd of pygmy goats, who serve as good sources of manure, which they also use.  Nice piece of recycling, that...

Well, Lee just might find some likely pieces for making knife handles...

I's got some 'splainin' to do...
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