seekinghaven (seekinghaven) wrote,

Basics: Part IV, Human Needs

In locating, designing and building Haven, we seek to create a local system that is a move toward a sustainable culture and lifestyle of the future -- a home where we might be much more self-sufficient than we are now at Berkana House.  In order to meet both those goals, we must take into account not only the basics of energy and resource cycles (roughly and tersely outlined in previous entries), but also human needs in general -- not to mention our own personal needs, hopes and goals.

The following is a list of basic human needs, starting with the most basic.  The list is simply one I have come up with for this entry, and I don't claim that it is definitive.  I may have left out some important human need, or included some that others don't see as true human needs.  No doubt some items on the list could be combined. Those lower on the list could no doubt be arranged in many different orders of importance, none of which I feel a need to pin down here. A sustainable human culture and home system must meet human needs, as well as the needs of other key players in the system.  So, for now, just a list:

Clothing to protect the body
Companionship and social contact
Mental/Intellectual Stimulation
Emotional needs
Sexual needs
Personal Adornment
Creative Expression
Spiritual needs

Comments and additions welcomed!
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