October 29th, 2013


Not dead yet...

Well, it has been so long since I last posted here that my friends page has shrunk to nearly nothing -- less than one page! -- whether because I have been dropped from their lists, or they, too, have not been posting.  It has been over a year since I last posted here, and I mean to change that.  We are still struggling to build Haven, and there is much to share, and things I fear sharing.   So, I will be writing more posts that are to friends only, even if they are few.  If you wish to be numbered among my LJ "friends", please let me know!

I need not only to resume my SeekingHaven blog posts, but also to do more personal journaling, so, as a way to encourage both, I will be doing NaNoWriMo ("National Novel Writing Month") this November.  My "novel" will be my personal journals (written in third person as a sort of "memoir" -- I can call it "semi-fictionalized" if I want to!) and my Seeking Haven blog posts.  Starting gun goes off at 12:01am November 1st, and the goal is 50,000 words by 11:59pm November 30th -- as far as official NaNoWriMo rules are concerned.  My goal is to do some writing I need to do, and hopefully to build in the habit rather better.

And certainly, to resume posting in my Seeking Haven blog.

So, until Friday...!
-- Dorothy
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