seekinghaven (seekinghaven) wrote,

New Year's Meme: Post titles for 2011

My last post in 2010 was in November, and I didn't post again until my birthday in April of 2011.  2011 has been a hard year, not only for us.  Much of the first half of 2011 felt like being stuck, an inertia finally broken in July, when we got very intentional about clearing the land for grading, with a deadline!  Now, with the driveway in and building pads done, the land is finally ready for us to start building.  We have much to be grateful for.
The titles of my blog entries in 2011 sketch bits of the tale of the year:


A Few Random Updates...

Being on Task...

Destruction in the Service of Creation

Galadriel is Dead

The Clearing of the Grading Areas

The people who shaped Haven's building pads and driveway

The Grading of Haven, Part I: Destruction

Five... er, make that six incisions

(three private entries related to my surgery)


Haven's Grading, Part II: Creation

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