seekinghaven (seekinghaven) wrote,


Yes, the grading and driveway are done and have passed final inspection.  And I now have pictures to share.  And yes, that post is very, very overdue. 

We have moved to a place much closer to Haven, and far less expensive.  It has been crucial to get out from under the rent and utilities payments at Stepping Stone, and we are very grateful to be able to do that.  Further, Lee has far better access to his shop stuff now, which makes him a happier man.  Heat is a woodstove, and the sound of rain on the metal roof is nice.  And it reminds me to go out and check to see how much water has collected in the canopy above the rabbits, and to dump it out so the canopy won't collapse. 

But the cell reception and internet reception here is too poor to allow me confidence that I'll be able to upload the pictures of the final driveway and grading site today.  Tomorrow I'll be elsewhere, and there the reception may be sufficiently good to post the long-delayed pictures. 

Gotta' feed the fire and check the bunnies...

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