seekinghaven (seekinghaven) wrote,

Five... er, make that six incisions

I had intended to finish posting about the grading and new driveway at Haven before now, but it will happen soon. 

Maybe not today -- I'm pretty groggy.  I had surgery last Friday --  a hiatal hernia repair and some other miscellaneous poking around in my gut.  No big bad ugly diagnoses or anything dire, but it still hurts like hell. 

The surgeon gave me five incisions, none more than about two inches long -- this time the procedure was successfully performed using a laprascope.

When you think about it, doesn't it just seem odd that we let physicians poison us, stab us and then take our money? 

Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.  And they do give you good drugs afterwards, for the pain.
I must not have had enough of such action, given what happened on Sunday.  It's not a good idea for a cut-up, sore, groggy Aries on oxycodone to handle knives.  Lee took me to the Emergency room on Sunday after I tried to slice up an apple for juicing.  The slice in my thumb took four stitches to close, and an exceptional amount of bandaging. 

Well, I'll heal.

And Lee and I are both very glad that I've emerged from this surgery without any more serious complications -- my last two surgeries, one in 2002 and another in 2006, were both followed by very serious complications.  I'm not a good surgical risk, but we are hoping that the surgery I just had will change that for the better. 

For now though, I need to rest and recuperate, which can be a difficult thing for an impatient Aries to do when there are so many important, time-urgent matters to attend to, even if I am sore, tired, and groggy. 

'Nuff for now!  The sun's out -- time for a short walk.

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