seekinghaven (seekinghaven) wrote,

The people who shaped Haven's building pads and driveway

I highly recommend Pihl Excavating for any grading work or road-building needs in our region -- they are very good, very skilled, very professional, and sensitive to the needs of the customer and of the patch of earth they are working on.  Matt, the owner, has called himself a "reformed logger", and I notice he is inclined to save trees where possible, and carefully separate topsoil and subsoil, conserving the former and using only the later for the needed structural base for roads, buildings, etc.  I am impressed at the extra care he takes to preserve and protect the hives of honey bees that they encounter on jobs, despite the fact that the honey bees will often respond defensively to the vibrations and disruptions of the big earth moving machinery near their hive.  His company is much in demand by vineyards, for the quality of the work performed, and the care taken to properly re-distribute precious topsoil. 

He and every Pihl employee I have met are not only very good at what they do, but also very, very good people.  

That matters a great deal, especially when one is asking excavators to clear and carve the earth of a sacred site such as Haven.  We were asking them to do significant destruction in the service of creation, and to build the very earthen foundation of the Haven-that-we-will-build within the Haven-that-is.  That is a work of great spiritual as well as physical import, and as a priestess of the Divine, I do not delegate such powerful acts to just anyone.  As strange as it may seem, these people, operating their huge backhoes and bulldozers and compacters, had the sensitivity and eye of artists in their dealing with the land, and its owner.  I am very grateful, for I was a novice in the situation.  I'm also grateful that they were patient when I was naive or simply didn't know something.  Pihl's was not the lowest bid for our job, but I am very glad I chose them.

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