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Being on task...

The loan officer got back to me, emailed forms we will need to print and sign, told me the application was on their website and could be filled out online, and we talked.  I suspect that she at first thought I wanted a construction loan.  She asked if we had investigated a particular brand of prefab (I think) instead of manufactured homes, and told me that unless we were going to end up with a dwelling appraisable at at least $50,000, the loan wouldn't work.  And they won't finance cob homes at all.  But a lot loan is still an option.  

Fine with me.  Lee and I have no interest in spending lots of money to build a home we don't want that some bank says we must build in order for the bank to fund it.   A lot loan was what I was thinking of -- specifically refinancing our current land mortgage with enough additional cash to pay for driveway, grading, well, agricultural building, and other needed "improvements".   "Improvements" is the parlance of the real estate world -- I call them things we need to create our homestead at Haven.   

So, I got to work filling out the loan application, and was so absorbed in the task that I forgot I had made an appointment to meet with the excavator at Haven at 5pm!  Lee called me at 5:38pm and asked me if I'd slept all day. 

"NO!" I asserted, offended and clueless.  "I've been working all day!"

"Working on what?"

"The loan application!"  I declared, in righteous indignation.

"The loan application... okay.  Do you have any questions for Matt Pihl?"

The light broke through my consciousness like a blazing searchlight, pinning me down and baring my guilty imperfections to the world -- BUSTED!  ...and I started to swear, repeatedly and forcefully, in horror at missing the appointment I'd made only a couple of days before.

Apparently Lee held the phone away from his ear during my tirade of agitated self-abuse, and Scott, standing next to him, nearly burst out in laughter.  I still hadn't remembered that I'd arranged for Lee and I to meet Scott and Shannon there, too, and go out to dinner afterward!

At length I interrupted my string of "colorful metaphors" to urgently ask Lee, "Are you there?!?"

"Yes,  Matt and I are having a very pleasant talk."

Relief!  "Oh, good!"

At least we hadn't completely stood up our excavator.

Well, several phone calls but only a few minutes later, I realized we were meeting Scott and Shannon there, and Scott was already there, and I'd better get my butt in gear and out the door for the 35+ minute drive to Haven. 

(I can get very focused on tasks, and have several tasks and projects that are important to focus upon.  So living in my brain can sometimes carry a high risk of mental whiplash.  Disconcerting...)

Anyway, they were all still there when I finally arrived.  Lee had taken them all to see the beautiful cave and its waterfall that he'd found by the stream.  It was the first time Matt had seen the stream, and he was very impressed with its beauty.

I asked several questions they'd already covered (feeling like true flake) and some they hadn't.  Matt had marked places for us to put roundwood and firewood, and places for brush and trimmings.  Scott and Shannon had brought the chainsaw they will be lending us, as well as the one they will use as they help us with the clearing.  We are ready to start taking down and processing the trees that must go, within the area to be graded.

Haven is beautiful.  I'll have to wait until after the grading is done to place bees there (at least near the future driveway and building pads) as the vibrations and noise of the machines trigger aggressive behavior in defense of their hive.  And things will get a bit torn up soon, compared to the current pristine beauty of land untouched for years.  But most of it will remain relatively untouched, and the rest will be handled in as environmentally sound and competent a manner as possible, and will regrow in fertile beauty afterwards. 

Scott and Shannon must look at homes for sale the next couple of days and make some decisions about them, but Scott is eager to do some physical labor chainsawing and clearing at Haven, and expects to probably start this coming weekend.  I've asked him to call me when he is going to start, so I can meet him there and he can introduce me to the mysteries of the chainsaw they've loaned us. 

The long winter in limbo seems to be over!  So, I need to complete the loan application and submit it and supporting documents.  

I also need to finish preparing the stuff I need to catch bee swarms.  Matt has 3 or 4 bee trees on his property, and sees about that many swarms most years.  When I heard that, I asked him to keep me in mind for removing them, if they were low enough to be safe to gather.  And it is swarm season now.  So, I think I'll close this and get out that netting and start sewing.
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