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Haven pictures: Brush Clearing

Here I want to share a few photographs of Haven in daylight.  These were taken while we were clearing underbrush as part of preparing for topographic surveying of the area of the proposed driveway, dwelling, and shop, so only those areas are shown.  No pictures of the creeks yet, nor of the special places that we are finding as we explore:  Lee's Reading Tree and Scott's Perch, for example.  I must make a point of taking pictures of more of the lovely land we now steward!

We had already begun clearing when I finally remembered to take photos, so this isn't a true "Before" shot.  It shows the proposed dwelling site, facing south.  Beyond the trees in the lighter area are thickets of Blackberry brambles in the easement of the abandoned Railroad along our south border.

Here I am, machete at my hip, caught by Scott in a rather unflattering pose while intently eyeing my next targets.

Scott and Shannon taking a break.  We all worked up a sweat that day.

Here's Lee beside one of the alternate septic perculation test pits.  We will likely harvest clay soil from this site for cob making, and afterwards turn it into a root cellar. 

Lee and Galadriel pause for some mutual affection at the side of the proposed driveway.

Brush clearing involves a lot of brush hauling.

Here Lee is using his machete, a Mark I made by Zombie Tools.  He is well pleased with it, and has named it "Harvester".  The green survey tape is marking the rough bounds of the dwelling site. 

Following through with a back handed blow... You can see Harvester's sheath mounted horizontally at the beltline on Lee's back. 

Shortly after this shot, Lee started grumbling that I should put the camera down and help him get the fallen stuff out of his way.  He was right. 

Clearing brush is a lot of work, but it is very pleasant under the trees.  And it is gratifying and exciting to see the right places opening up a bit, and becoming easier to navigate.  I was starting to think in terms of goats, though.  Not only would they share the labor, but they enjoy it, and make pellets rather than piles!  But more on that in my next post...
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