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Scenes from Summer Solstice at Haven

We signed the papers and paid our down payment for Haven on June 14th, a Monday, with the moon at Artemis' Bow.  One week later, Lee and I and Scott and Shannon all got together to measure the proposed dwelling site and celebrate, with a simple rite and a very good wine.  Our solstice "bonfires" were two candles this year -- but we shall see what future years bring!

The following photographs were taken at dusk and after, in the proposed site for the shop.  It is a lovely place, though the light was so dim that you will have to take my word for it, or wait for future photos.

One of our solstice flames, sitting up on a stump.  During our brief and simple rite, the two candles were on the ground, and we walked between them for blessings of purification and protection.  My companions kept fussing at me that I was going to catch my long dress on fire, but I was neither concerned, nor exceptionally careless. 

After that, we opened the wine and relaxed.  Shannon and I decided to let the guys have most of the wine, ostensibly because we were both driving, but actually so we could watch and giggle.  They were waxing grandiloquent about the shop, and enjoying themselves quite well, it seemed.  The following gives a rough pictoral progression of events:

Discussing surrounding drainage, and appropriate materials handling...


Responding to Shannon...

[How does one spell "raspberry"?]


Well, guys...?


Yeah, Glad Girl, I don't believe it either...

Alright, then.  Sometimes a man's gotta do...

...whatta man's gotta do.

>>>Giggle,  snicker,  snork!!<<<

This (slightly embellished) account brought to you by the MANLY MEN...!!

...and the Brazen Bitches of Haven!

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