seekinghaven (seekinghaven) wrote,

Scenes from Camp Cordochorea: Life in the RV

Here are a few photographs taken while we were living in our tiny 21' RV, after selling our house last September.  We chose this cramped way in order to save as much as possible of our nest egg, and the money we made from the sale of our home, for buying land for Haven.  We certainly did not plan to make a lifestyle of it! 


The handsome bearded fellow is my beloved Lee, sitting on his bed in the RV, with our sweet but large Scottish Deerhound Galadriel.  I toke the picture from my bed in the back of the RV. You can see the end of the tiny kitchen counter on the right, and the windshield beyond the front seats behind Galadriel.  The beds were small, so we could not share them.  But the floor was also small, so Galadriel had to sleep with one of us.  At first, she and Lee shared his bed, as mine had a bunch of boxes and piles of stuff on it, that had nowhere else to be.  Some time later, I was able to get rid of that stuff, and Galadriel came to share my bed, to Lee's relief.  She does sprawl.

And here is Galadriel, giving me a smooch and interrupting my reading in the back end of the RV.  We are both on my bed, which is made of the folded down seats of the dining area. 

Lee is peeking in the door to the RV "house", over the kitchen, at me.  Our marriage besom -- the broom we jumped over at our handfasting -- is leaning against the wall to the left of the door.  And yes! That is a chemex coffee maker, kettle, and part of the coffee roaster atop the two burner propane stove.  The grinder is out of the picture, but close to hand.  Lee and I take our coffee seriously.  Sure, it takes up room in a tiny RV, but to go without it would be just... uncultured!

And here is Camp Cordochorea, as it was before we moved to Anderson Park in Vernonia.  I'm standing on a bridge over Dairy Creek, a lovely woodland stream.  The barn on the left houses lammas, and the white shed on the right provides storage.  Our friends Kore and Alec very generously invited us to stay on their property while we were looking for ours.  This is a very utilitarian corner of it -- most is absolutely magical forest and meadows.

Here is the only decent photograph I got of our next door neighbor, a curious and beautiful lamma.  Or is she an alpaca??  She would stare out the open window of the barn at us, and move away whenever I tried to get a picture.

Here's Lee, reading a book on heat treating metals, his attempt to retain his sanity while separated from his smithy. 

We both read a lot.  I'm trying to read a book on raising rabbits, in preparation for Haven living.  Most of the piles of stuff on my bed were books.  Reading was a common evening activity.  We also watched movie DVDs on my laptop, sitting side-by-side on my bed. 

It was a very... close way of living. Movement, even turning around was difficult.   No wonder Lee exploded in April!

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