seekinghaven (seekinghaven) wrote,

Follow-up, and Pictures!

I've been thinking a lot about my reaction described in the past post ("Wrong"), and the subsequent depression I experienced for several days.  I feared loss (and still do).  But I have decided that a better way for me to clarify the matter to myself is to write what I want, rather than focusing on what I fear losing and why, at least at first.  I'm realizing that the results will probably make more than one post here, to be posted over time. 

But things are continuing on, and I've been taking some pictures of activities at Haven.  In the process, I discovered some photos taken while we were living in the RV after we sold Berkana House, and before we found and bought Haven.  It's about time I posted some pictures here.  Please be patient while I figure out how to do so...

Oh, yeah... I'm not so depressed anymore.  I still have some concerns, but am focused on clarifying -- and on doing the work we need to do to build Haven.   

Haven is a lovely place to be.

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