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Currents flowing...

We seem to be buying a lovely piece of bare land, with not just one but three beautiful streams!  Two of the streams are year-round, and join on the property.  They are capable of providing all the microhydro power we might need, without us doing anything to harm them or the ecosystem of which they are a part. 

Yes, we are back to Plan A, and glad of it, despite all the "due diligence" I'm having to do, and all the extra work involved in starting from scratch.  At least this way, we won't have to deal with other peoples' mistakes or incompatible ideas -- other than the county officials, of course.  And we are preserving our goal to reduce and eliminate our debt, which would have been harder on the previous property we tried to buy.

It is just under eleven and a half acres, in an odd-shaped lot, in a very rural area in the foothills of the coast range in Oregon.  It was logged at some point in the very distant past -- there are the over-grown remains of a logging road, which will become the driveway -- but has been left untouched, nearly pristine for years.  Much of it will remain so, especially around the streams, if we succeed in becoming this land's stewards.  There are purple violets, the occasional yellow wood-violet, and trilliums blooming everywhere.  The humus is thick, covering rotting trees that fell years ago, and it has what Tolkein called "a dishevelled dryad loveliness".  The only paths are deer trails, and walking is difficult.  There are some huge evergreens:  Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir -- and lots of deciduous trees -- alder, vine maple, big-leaf maple -- so it is forested, but not darkly so.  The terrain is rolling, and an abandoned railroad track forms the south border, with a gravel country road on the east.  It has been approved by the county for a single family dwelling, and there is power at the border with the road, but there are not structures of any kind, no well, no septic system -- it is truly "bare" land, in real estate terms. 

I have been very busy doing the investigating that a buyer's "due diligence" demands, and the harrowing process of dealing with County Land Use, building codes, etc. has begun. 

If all goes well, we will have found the land for Haven, here in the coast range.  The streams are un-named.  We will name them.


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Apr. 19th, 2010 02:53 pm (UTC)
I think one should be dubbed the Withywindle, just sayin'!

Ken Verner
Apr. 27th, 2010 12:45 am (UTC)

YAY!!!! Are you well, and happy? How are your lovely lady and children?

I'm SO glad to finally re-connect!

The Withywindle... what a lovely idea...

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