seekinghaven (seekinghaven) wrote,

To sell, or not to sell...

Well, we tried to make the offer I wrote about in my last post.  The seller decompensated, blew up, whatever... 

Here's what happened:

Our real estate agent called the seller's agent to let her know that we would be making an offer, and the amount.  She said that the seller said it was way too low, and he didn't even want to see the offer, and that he was going out of town "for a few days". 

Given some of the horrific things he left laying around the property he was supposedly trying to sell, we had wondered whether he really wanted to sell the property.  There is a divorce involved, and he is facing bankruptcy and foreclosure.  His real estate agent (who is a relative of his) pretty much told ours that he was probably skipping town. 

One cannot buy a property if there is no owner available to sell it, and one cannot negotiate a workable sales contract unless the seller is willing to counter-offer or accept, so our hopes for this property pretty much fizzled fast. 

The property is still on the market, but it will almost certainly go to foreclosure, given the seller's difficulties dealing with the realities of his situation.  And that process could take months. 

So, we are still camping out in the RV, and we have continued our search. 

But grappling with questions of how much to offer, and how much we could afford to purchase and pay for on our own helped us to clarify and re-focus our goals.  One important goal from the very beginning of our plans to sell and move, was to get out of debt.  Lee was very frustrated at the prospect of ending up with a mortgage payment similar to what we used to have, just as he was frustrated with living in the RV.  I started searching for much less expensive properties, and suggested we reconsider bare land, if the price was low enough, and there was a suitable stream. 

But more on that in my next post...
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